Tommorrow, patch 3.0.2 will hit live realms in World of Warcraft.  Titled the Echoes of Doom, Patch 3.0.2 will bring all the talent changes, spell changes, and more that will be a part of Wrath of the Lich King when it hits next month.


Highlights of the Patch:


  • Barbershops are now open for business!  Style your hair like you just don't care!
  • New talents and spells for all classes. Woot!
  • The achievement system is now live!  Get to work on the gazillion achievements added
  • Mounts and Pets are now spells, no more taking up bag space!
  • Two new Arena maps!
  • New Raid buff system!
  • New Profession:  Inscription!

Full Patch notes after the jump



Fresh from Blizzcon this weekend comes the announcement that Starcraft II will be split into three separate campaigns.  According to various reports, this will allow the developers to fully flesh out the story that they wish to tell with Starcraft II.











Sure, Spore's DRM sucked. Yes, many people were left disappointed with the game after expecting way too much from it. But did you know that you can apparently recreate StarCraft factions using the game's editor? A Korean StarCraft fan (I know, I know) on the website Ruliweb has shared some of his (or her) Terran creations in Will Wright's opus.

Going by the Google translated username Krabby Patty (even though the Korean translates closer to something like Crab Burger, Krabby Patty is just too cool to not use) , the user shared several screenshots of a Terran base and vehicles. While there are no Zerg or Protoss Spore creations yet, we can now only hold our breath and wait until the next genius Korean StarCraft fan gets his (or her) hands on Spore. Finally StarCraft players will be able to take their Zerg rushes to a galactic scale...



Sorceress Review

Today we're going to review the Dark Elf ranged damage class, the Sorceress. Unlike the Witch Elf, both males and females can make a Sorcerer/Sorceress, but the class is generally named after the female version, so the rest of this guide will refer to them in the female sense.


The Sorceress is a ranged damage dealer that specializes in spell casting, the key to this class is that whenever she casts a spell she gains a unique class mechanic called Dark Magic.   The more powerful spells she casts, the more the Dark Magic builds, which is a two edged sword.


Dark Magic increases your spell critical strike chance by 10 to 50% but also increases your backlash chance by 20-100%.   Backlash is a mechanic that causes a portion of the damage in your spell to rebound back on the caster.    This alone makes the Sorceress a glass cannon.





Mark Jacobs, CEO of Mythic entertainment has taken a stand against gold farmers.  In a blog post on Gamasutra, he tells us " I HATE GOLD SELLERS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING."  With this hatred, he and the Mythic team are taking a very agressive stance against gold farmers, banning them left, right, and centre.  Since the launch of WAR, over 1000 gold farmer accounts have been banned.  The full blog post can be read at Gamasutra here


Update(Sept 26,2008) - As you can see, the number has jumped from 1400 yesterday to over 4000 today!  It's good to see them being so agressive!

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Goal Line Blitz

Are you ready for some football? If you haven't already heard of it, Goal Line Blitz is an American Football Simulation MMORPG. It's so addicting to a football fan I simply just can get enough. It's very fun, better then KOL! There are a number of RK members who currently have players on various teams around a few leagues.


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Aparently Its selling so well that its made more money than the recent Clone Wars movie!

They pushed 1.5 million copies in a week.  they dont belive their inital release of 4.3 mil will be enough  before supplies can be repleanished.


All info grabbed from "Kotaku


Dungeon Review

I've been asked many times if there are dungeons in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and what these Dungeons are like. 


Rest assured, there are Dungeons in WAR, and in the darkest reaches of the world you will encounter some of the worst kinds of filth that can be mustered by the Warhammer World.


RK Gamers has recently ventured into the depths of one such area, and have survived to tell the tale!




Public Quests

I know some of you are wondering, what's a Public Quest?  Why are they important?  Are they really better than World of Wacraft's Dungeons?  Are they really worth doing?  Yes.


They are better than anything you have done to date, and are one of the best things to be implemented into WAR



PvP Scenarios: Gates of Ekrund

The last of the Tier 1 PvP Scenarios that you can access is the Gates of Ekrund, the Dwarf vs. Greenskin Player Versus Player Scenario.


The story behind this scenario is that the Dwarves are trying to seal the Gates of Ekrund and have patched all the holes in the walls, however, the Greenskin horde have built siege towers and catapults to propel themselves on top of the gate before the Dwarves can seal it. 


Many people believe this is the strongest PvP scenario for all the Tier 1 races.  The area that you fight on isn't wide open and there are small corridors that you have to run to. 


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