Gratz Sphinx and Daresa on your new baby boy. (Guess this means we finally get a blue tabard )

Ok here are the specs:

Gavin arrived at 8:18 this morning and weighed 8 lbs 1oz. He was 21 and a half inches long and both him and the wife are healthy

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We have a new Ventrillo Server. See guild message in Warcraft or the forums here for more info abtou the new server information.

Site has been moved over to the new host, I still have some tweaking to do. The forums seemed to not want to follow over perfectly so I'll be addressing those.


All accounts should still exist as everything has seemed to go much smoother :). We also have a much larger space/transfer rate now. 300gb of bandwith. and 13gb of space.


*edit: Forums are backup and running.

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t's official. You won't be playing StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty this year, as Blizzard has moved the release date of the real-time strategy game to the "first half of 2010." No, they never dated it; but they have now.

Activision Blizzard's reason for the delay of StarCraft II is reportedly tied to the relaunch of its upgraded service, which handles multiplayer for all things Blizzard. In a statement to the Blizzard community, the developer writes "Over the past couple of weeks, it has become clear that it will take longer than expected to prepare the new for the launch of the game."

Blizzard calls the new an "integral part of the StarCraft II experience and will be an essential part of all of our games moving forward." Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said during an investor call today that the new iteration of will likely be ready "early next year."


(GotFrag) - Blizzard has released more in-game footage of its highly anticipated sequel to its mega-hit game & subsequent expansion, StarCraft & StarCraft: BroodWar. The video is a match between Matt Cooper (playing Zerg) and David Kim (playing Terran), and is narrated by Blizzard's Lead Developer Dustin Browder and Blizzard eSports Team Member Robert Simpson. The match is the first close up look at the Zerg forces in action, as the first Battle Report was staged between a Terran and a Protoss player. The video also features a number of new additions to StarCraft 2's constantly-evolving gameplay, including some particularly effective new Terran tactics that end up being quite pivotal in the match. Enjoy! (direct link) ...




Great job everybody




Great job guys, on to Malygos and Sarth +2!

Chat has now been added! Once logged in, check it out under Home > Chat!  
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RK Gamers has successfully defeated every boss found in Naxxramas on the 10 man difficulty!  Good Job guys/gals!  On to Malygos!


Truer words were never spoken Oddly....


More pictures are in the gallery from when Monmaji went to Texas!

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