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Lords of Sylvania

Nope, I’m not talking about Ironforge here.   RKGamers has joined in an Alliance with the guilds The High Council, Bregan D’Aerthe, and Sovereign.  


Together, we look forward to smashing the forces or Order beneath our over-sized boots. (or in the cast of Gobbo’s, biting their ankles!)


The guilds in the Alliance begin at the ages of 18 and go up to 40, (similar to RK).  After speaking with them last night, we felt that the Alliance was a good idea and we’re all very excited about the upcoming tides of WAR.  We will show that we are indeed the "Lords of Sylvania" (which also happens to be our Alliance name).




Sorceress Review

Today we're going to review the Dark Elf ranged damage class, the Sorceress. Unlike the Witch Elf, both males and females can make a Sorcerer/Sorceress, but the class is generally named after the female version, so the rest of this guide will refer to them in the female sense.


The Sorceress is a ranged damage dealer that specializes in spell casting, the key to this class is that whenever she casts a spell she gains a unique class mechanic called Dark Magic.   The more powerful spells she casts, the more the Dark Magic builds, which is a two edged sword.


Dark Magic increases your spell critical strike chance by 10 to 50% but also increases your backlash chance by 20-100%.   Backlash is a mechanic that causes a portion of the damage in your spell to rebound back on the caster.    This alone makes the Sorceress a glass cannon.





Dungeon Review

I've been asked many times if there are dungeons in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and what these Dungeons are like. 


Rest assured, there are Dungeons in WAR, and in the darkest reaches of the world you will encounter some of the worst kinds of filth that can be mustered by the Warhammer World.


RK Gamers has recently ventured into the depths of one such area, and have survived to tell the tale!




Public Quests

I know some of you are wondering, what's a Public Quest?  Why are they important?  Are they really better than World of Wacraft's Dungeons?  Are they really worth doing?  Yes.


They are better than anything you have done to date, and are one of the best things to be implemented into WAR



PvP Scenarios: Gates of Ekrund

The last of the Tier 1 PvP Scenarios that you can access is the Gates of Ekrund, the Dwarf vs. Greenskin Player Versus Player Scenario.


The story behind this scenario is that the Dwarves are trying to seal the Gates of Ekrund and have patched all the holes in the walls, however, the Greenskin horde have built siege towers and catapults to propel themselves on top of the gate before the Dwarves can seal it. 


Many people believe this is the strongest PvP scenario for all the Tier 1 races.  The area that you fight on isn't wide open and there are small corridors that you have to run to. 



Witch Elf Preview

Today I'm going to give you the down and dirty on the sexiest member of the Destruction's Army.  The Witch Elf.


The Witch Elf is a blood thirsty killer that is devoted to the God of Slaughter, Khaine.  They are so commited to murder, they are also called the Brides of Khaine.


Sorry guys, this is a female only class.



The Birth of WAR!!!

It's time.  The red eyed fans who have been waiting staunchly for the opening of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will finally be given the moment they have been waiting their lives for....




Welcome to Our Newest Generals

Please take a moment to welcome and congratulate our newest Generals:


Eqsux -Witch Elf

Spoon - Shaman


I know that the dedication and support that both of these individuals will bring to the guild will be outstanding.


They are also Legends in their own right, having both been leaders of The Royal Knights in the past.


May they lead us through the piles of bodies that will form around us!




PvP Scenarios: Khaine's Embrace

Khaine's Embrace is the Dark Elf vs. High Elf Tier 1 Scenario and is quite a bit different from the Tier 1 Scenario I've already presented that came from the Chaos vs. Empire setting.


Khaine's Embrace is a 12 player Scenario that is designed as a take and retreat scenario.  I know, Take and Retreat doesn't make any sense.  The reason you have to retreat is because if you ever control both points on the map, they will explode and kill everyone that isn't protected in the nearby cave system.



PvP Scenarios: Nordenwatch

I'm sure you're all wondering how the Player versus Player is inside Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


In this these articles I'm going to talk about the different scenarios that are available as well as some tactics that can be done to ensure that when we enter Warhammer, we will be a dominating force!


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