Chosen Review

Chosen Review

I just thought I’d give you guys my thoughts on the Chosen. Chosen are Tank characters that are designed to use auras to boost the abilities of their parties and themselves, while reducing the enemies abilities.


Also, Chosen can use Great Weapons or a Hand Weapon and Shield… Great Weapons SIGNFICANTLY improve your damage.




A couple of examples are an Aura follow.


Discordant Fluctuation -

Only one Chaotic Aura may be active at time.

The power of the Warp fluctuates violently around you and your allies within 30 feet. Enemies that dare to use offensive magical abilities against a groupmate in this radius will be hit with a magical backlash, causing them 90 Spirit damage. This curse will last until another curse is activated, or this curse is toggled off. After this, the curse will linger for another 12 seconds


Corrupting Wrath -

You call upon the power of the warp to wither your opponents' mind and muscles, reducing the toughness of all enemies within 30 feet by 62. During this time, group members within the radius are emboldened, increasing their toughness by 62. This curse will last until another curse is activated, or this curse is toggled off. After this, the curse will linger for another 12 seconds


Dreadful Fear -

You call upon the power of the warp to instill a bone chilling fear in your opponents within 30 feet of you, reducing their Strength by 64. During this time, the Strength of any groupmates within the radius is increased by 64. This curse will last until another curse is activated, or this curse is toggled off. After this, the curse will linger for another 12 seconds


While Dreadful Fear is used more for PvE, some of these abilities work really well in PvP, especially Discordant Fluctuation.  Tip:  Bright Wizards love running in and throwing around AOE's.

I know what you’re thinking… “Big deal, sounds like a warrior in WoW!” except that when you switch auras, the aura you had will remain for an additional 12 seconds. And auras have a 5 second cooldown. This allows you to “Aura Twist” up to 3 separate auras at a time to gain their benefits! Pretty nifty! (3 is kinda hard to maintain, I usually use 2, the toughness and the strength, or the toughness and the increased magic resist aura if I’m tanking).

So that's one aspect of the Chosen...  Another that I love is the tanking aspect.   There are a few abilities that are awesome for tanking.  I'll list a little here. 


Hold The Line! -

Requires Shield

You focus your defenses against enemy fire, increasing your chances to dodge and disrupt by 45% for 12 seconds. You will also defend all allies behind you, up to 40 feet away, increasing their chances to dodge and disrupt by 15% as long as they remain at your back. Allies may have this effect stacked on them up to 3 times. This effect will end if you break your concentration, or run out of action points.


Shield Wall -

An impressive display of defensive which reduces incoming damage by 22% for both you and all group members within 65 feet of you for 10 seconds.


Guard -

You defend one of your allies and try to take attacks meant for them. As long as you are within 30 feet of them, any damage that they suffer and all hate that they cause will be split evenly between the two of you.


Warhammer Online has taken PvP a step further, where being a tank does not hender you in PvP.  You are given the ability to guard your allies, as seen in the “Hold The Line!” ability, as well as being able to absorb damage from another, as seen in the “Guard” ability.   On top of this, you are also able to block lanes of traffic, enemies CAN NOT run through you.  This means if you’re guarding that bridge, they have to go through you to pass and believe me, it’s not an easy task!

Overall, I've found this leads to incredible possabilities and give tanks a fighting chance in PvP.  I've enjoyed disrupting the games a lot lately.  I may not always get the top damage dealer, but people fear me, especially with my trusty Zealot healing me in the background. 

Also, for all you warriors that were incredibly frustrated in the past with those classes that loved running. I've got a couple of abilities to share with you.


Throwing Axe - A basic throwing attack that inflicts 75 damage. Has a chance to deal 674 damage to a severely wounded target if you are behind them.


Grapple - Both you and your target are held tightly in place for 10 seconds, and neither one of you can move. This effect can not be dispelled or broken.


While grapple will ensure that you can hold someone in place to bring them to less than a quarter life, if they decide to run then you can use your "Throwing Axe" as a ranged execute.  Believe me, it's a devastating ability when used on a runner, it is not, however, a good ranged ability unless the target is running and already hurt.  It does pretty pitiful damage unless that criteria is met.


Until Next Time! 



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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 7:07 AM
wow Mal, nice write up!
Saturday, September 13, 2008 9:36 PM

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