Sorceress Review

Sorceress Review

Today we're going to review the Dark Elf ranged damage class, the Sorceress. Unlike the Witch Elf, both males and females can make a Sorcerer/Sorceress, but the class is generally named after the female version, so the rest of this guide will refer to them in the female sense.


The Sorceress is a ranged damage dealer that specializes in spell casting, the key to this class is that whenever she casts a spell she gains a unique class mechanic called Dark Magic.   The more powerful spells she casts, the more the Dark Magic builds, which is a two edged sword.


Dark Magic increases your spell critical strike chance by 10 to 50% but also increases your backlash chance by 20-100%.   Backlash is a mechanic that causes a portion of the damage in your spell to rebound back on the caster.    This alone makes the Sorceress a glass cannon.


 The Dark Elf Sorceress specializes in debuffing and debilitating it's foe while dealing a sickening amount of damage, they even threw in several buffing effects she can give her party that increases her damage.    All this gets put together to make a very damaging class that everyone should fear.


The Sorceress has three specialization trees:


Path of Agony - Focuses on Single Target Damage.

Path of Calamity- Focuses on debilitating your foe while doing damage.

Path of Destruction - Focuses on wide area damage.


The Path of Destruction is probably the most dangerous because she runs into the middle of the fray and tries to cast as many Area of Effect spells as possible.  Unfortunately this also raises her Dark Magic meter incredibly quickly, which results in her blowing herself up, fortunately, this has already been thought of as there is a tactic that allows the damage she receives from Backlash to affect all enemies in range as well.


The Sorceress also has a couple of potent abilities that can debilitate a foe while also staying true to her damage persona:


Vision of TormentA Curse which causes the enemy to lose 50 Action Points over 5 seconds.When this effect ends‚ they will suffer 166 Spirit damage.


Word of Pain - A Curse which reduces your targets Willpower by 25 for 10 seconds‚ and can be stacked up to 3 times.When this effect ends‚ the victim will suffer 200 Spirit damage for each application that was stacked.


Stricken Limb -Deals 150 Corporeal damage to your target and Disarms them for 5 seconds‚ making them unable to use melee and ranged abilities. Has a chance to cause a Miscast‚ damaging you and wiping out all of your Dark Magic!


I know some of you are wondering about these things marked Curses.  Well, the Sorceress has the ability to chain some of her abilities that will only work if their target is already cursed.


Impending Doom - Only usable on a target that is Cursed. A powerful blast that deals 350 Spirit damage to your target.If this blast does not kill the target‚ then you will suffer a Miscast.


And what about the control aspect, afterall, you can't be a glass cannon without a way of getting your enemies to stay away from you for a little bit.   So the Sorceress is given an AoE root, which I can tell you from experience is an INCREDIBLY ANNOYING ability.


Grip of Fear - All enemies within 30 feet become Rooted‚ making them unable to move for 5 seconds. Any damage dealt to them during this time has a chance of dispelling the root.


That pretty much sums up the Sorceress.  You'd have to log into Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to get a better feeling for how this great class plays, but it wouldn't be Warhammer if they didn't add a little racial flavor to the game.  So I leave you with an ability that reflects the hatred of the Dark Elves better than any other class I've seen yet....


Obsessive Focus - You become obsessed with your target for 20 seconds‚ dealing 10% more damage to them‚ but 10% less damage to everyone else. Even if the target dies‚ your obsession will persist for the full duration.


Until Next Time!


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