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I've been asked many times if there are dungeons in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and what these Dungeons are like. 


Rest assured, there are Dungeons in WAR, and in the darkest reaches of the world you will encounter some of the worst kinds of filth that can be mustered by the Warhammer World.


RK Gamers has recently ventured into the depths of one such area, and have survived to tell the tale!



There are many types of Dungeons in Warhammer ranging from short 15 minute instanced dungeons to larger open world dungeons that you can spend several hours exploring.  The open world version of these dungeons usually contain several Public Quests that players can participate in.


The instanced version of the dungeons we've delved into has contained three bosses each ranging from an easy task to an epic battle.   The dungeon we explored was an instanced dungeon that contained three wings.  Each wing had it's own individual bosses that were each unique and flavorful for the instance.


The first instance contained a Minotaur, Centaur, and a Chaos Warrior who progressively became larger and stronger the lower his life got.


To the left you'll see our group fighting the Minotaur.  He was fairly straight forward, not difficult in the least.  Standard Tank and spank fight.


The next instace we devled into had an Ogre Kingdoms theme to it.  All of the mobs in the instance were Ogres or Gnoblar with the exception of the bosses.  The three bosses in this instance were a Yhettee, a Gorger, and two Leadbelcher.


This instance was very unique because in some pulls you'd have to face two very strong hard hitting ogres that bull charge you and your party.  Other times you'd have to face one Ogre surrounded by four to six gnoblars that are very difficult to control.  One note, when you reach the end of the instance, beware the lone gnoblar.  If you attack him twelve more dig their way out of the dirt to ambush you.  It's not a very fun time!


The Yhettee is one of the more difficult bosses in the instance, when he gets low on life he lowers all damage people do to him to 1 damage, with the exception of DoT's.   This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that if he kills your party, his shield stays on him!


The Gorger was fairly easy, doing AOE knockbacks, and the Leadbelchers love turning and firing at other members of your party.


The last dungeon we went to was dominated by three bosses as well; a Wyvern,  a Manticore, and a Hydra.  The Wyvern is surrounded by eggs and the eggs will hatch while you fight it, the Manticore loves knocking the tanks around the room and the Hydra randomly fires five fireballs at a member of your party.


Overall, the experience was very fun, as well as quick.  No more of this 4 hour instance run crap.   Just pure fun in a short amount of time.


Until Next Time!



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