Public Quests

Public Quests

I know some of you are wondering, what's a Public Quest?  Why are they important?  Are they really better than World of Wacraft's Dungeons?  Are they really worth doing?


Well, yes.  They are better than anything you have done to date, and are one of the best things to be implemented into Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


A Public Quest (PQ) is an area that you enter and you automatically have a small box show up on your screen.  This box contains what step the PQ is on and what criteria has been, and what needs to be met to move on to the next section.  Most PQ's only containt three steps. 


Following the completion of a Public Quest, there is a rolling system.  This system assigns you bonus points for how much you contributed in the steps of the PQ, as well as a bonus if you participated in the same PQ, before it's reset, but did not receive a reward.  Then the game automatically rolls between 1 and 1000 and adds your bonus' to the score.  The end result determines if you receive a reward.


Rewards?!  I'm sure you're curious about that!   The rewards are given in the form of colored bags.  They are Gold, Purple, Blue, Green, and White.   So what's in these bags, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you!


Gold - Choice of a Guarenteed Purple Item, Blue Item, Green Item, White Item, Rare Crafting Materials, or Money.

Purple - Choice of a High Chance Purple Item, Guarenteed Blue, Green Item, White Item, Rare Crafting Materials or Money.

Blue - Choice of a High Chance Blue Item, Guarenteed Green Item, Rare Crafting Material, or Money.

Green - Choice of a High Chance Green Item, White Item, Rare Crafting Material, or Money.

White - Choice of White Item, Rare Crafting Material, or Money.


One catch though.  These items will ALWAYS be for your class.  Let me repeat myself, You will ALWAYS receive an item you can equip or use if you win one of these bags.


Now I'll give you a couple of examples of Public Quests.


In one Public Quest, in the Dark Elf Tier 1 Zone, Chapter 1.   You have to kill a certain number of High Elf Defenders.   These are any High Elves NPC's in the area that will reach a tally.  Once you've killed the required amount, it advances to Stage II. (No Time Limit)


In Stage II, you have to kill High Elf Sunmages.  The Sunmages stand in groups of four and are fairly easy to kill.   You have to kill 12 of them before advancing to Stage III.   When you kill the last Sunmage, he throws his hands in the air and yells out to someone to avenge them.  (You have about 10 minutes to complete this step)


In Stage III, a Dragon lands and you have to kill it.   This Dragon is huge and his breath HURTS, so be prepared for it.   (You have about 10 minutes to complete this step)


When you kill the Dragon, the PQ ends, and resets in 2 minutes.



Another example:


In the Chaos Tier 2 Area, Chapter 5, you have to killed 75 Order Militia and 10 Order Militia Sergeants.   There is no time limit to this quest.  One completed, you advance to Stage II.


In Stage II, you must climb a very large belltower to destroy the Bell that the Order has begun sounding.  To do this, you've got to fight your way to the top of the tower, while Militia Recruits flood in from the bottom, trying to stop you.  When you reach the top, a Champion (Read: Elite) Bell Ringer must be killed, then you have to destroy the Bell itself.  This is very much a race against time, as there is only 5 minutes to destroy the bell, which advances you to Stage III.


In Stage III, you have to climb back down to the ground floor, and when you open the door to the Bell Tower to walk outside, there is a Hero and 6 Champions waiting for you.  You have to fight this incredibly impressive display of ass kickery, to finisht he Public Quest.  You have 12 minutes to finish this sections.



I know you're all excited to get into PQ's, but what is even better is that even when you do instances a lot of the end bosses are going to require you to do a PQ consisting of only your group.


They are a lot of fun, and some people believe this is the best aspect of the game.


I'll let you decide!



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