PvP Scenarios: Khaine's Embrace

PvP Scenarios: Khaine's Embrace

Khaine's Embrace is the Dark Elf vs. High Elf Tier 1 Scenario and is quite a bit different from the Tier 1 Scenario I've already presented that came from the Chaos vs. Empire setting.


Khaine's Embrace is a 12 player Scenario that is designed as a take and retreat scenario.  I know, Take and Retreat doesn't make any sense.  The reason you have to retreat is because if you ever control both points on the map, they will explode and kill everyone that isn't protected in the nearby cave system.



In this scenario, you will encounter rocky terrain as well as lava that seperates the two areas.  The rocky terrain creates a great place to hide behind objects and ambush players, or to just hide and heal your friendly Sorceress that is nuking to her hearts content. 


In this scenario, there are many paths to reach the enemy through underground cave systems.  In these systems you can come out in front of your opponants flag, behind them, or to their side, depending on which way you choose to travel.  These cave systems are also the only thing that will protect you if either side possesses both points. 


If you manage to capture both points on the map, you have 10 seconds to seek shelter before everyone outside the cave systems is killed in a huge explosion that rolls across the land wiping everything off the terrain.   Interesting twist eh?


This scenario rarely sees the 500 point victory, but more commonly a 15 minute timer runs out as the two points are very strongly held, however good groups can achieve the explosion multiple times (which results in lots of experience while players die all over the board die. 


Typically this leads to massive battle in the caverns, because people are afraid that the points will be taken.


Several tactics here involve having your tanks block caverns while spellcaster and ranged damage destroy everyone in front of them.   Another fun thing to do is to control both points, then run your group back to the caves, but block the entrance.  It's incredibly funny to watch order players run towards you fearing for their lives, and they can't enter and die in front of you.


I belive some of you will love this scenario, while others will not find it that great. 


To each their own squig!




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