PvP Scenarios: Nordenwatch

PvP Scenarios: Nordenwatch

I'm sure you're all wondering how the Player versus Player is inside Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.



In this these articles I'm going to talk about the different scenarios that are available as well as some tactics that can be done to ensure that when we enter Warhammer, we will be a dominating force!



Nordenwatch is the Tier 1 Chaos vs. Empire scenario, however anyone can join the scenario as long as you are in a Chaos or Empire zone.  This is a scenario that allows 12 players at a time to try to take and hold flags strategically placed at three seperate places.


The first area is next to each starting zone, the Lighthouse near the Empire's (Order) starting zone, and the Barracks near the Chaos' (Destruction) starting zone.  The last flag is located at the furthest point on the map away from the two starting zones and it's called the Fortress.


The Lighthouse - The Lighthouse is typically controlled by Order and is at the highest point overlooking the zone.  It can be access by two directions, from the Barracks heading uphill, or from the Fortress where you have to pass through a bridge bottleneck. 


The Barracks - The Barracks is located at the lowest point in the map and has a hill overlooking it.  It can be accessed from three different directions, two are from the Fortress heading down the hill or running in the valley and the third is from the Lighthouse moving through the town.


The Fortress - The Fortress is at the furthest point in the map, held in high ground with a castle wall that is scalable in the background.  It is access from two points, the Lighthouse, which forces people into a bottleneck on a small bridge or from the Barracks forcing an uphill battle. The Fortress provides more points per tick than any other spot on the map.


At first this may sound like a disadvantage for the forces of Destruction, having the lowest point in the map, however Destruction has the shortest run to the Fortress and you can use the buildings in the Barracks to block line of sight, or to climb on top of to shoot off.  The hill next to the Barracks also creates a great ambush point.


The Lighthouse is easily defendable from below, but when you have forces coming in from mass across the bridge it creates a problem.  Overall, the Lighthouse is about as easily capturable as the Barracks.


The Fortress reflects the key point in the battle.  Ranged Damge and Healers can position themselves on the battlements behind it to shoot, while tanks guard the stairways up.   Also, the Bridge and the Hill create huge advantages for those already holding the flag, creating an uphill battle or a bottleneck respectively.


I know you all understand the concept of a bottleneck, with tanks being able to block the path of other players, but I'm sure you're wondering why uphill battles are so difficult.   In this game, the terrain matters to a great extent.  Your tab button will not easily target someone that is out of line of site and hills will DEFINATELY block line of site...   The terrain in Warhammer is dramatic and makes a huge difference, having the high ground really does matter.  It's easy to shoot fireballs down hill, but harder to target people that are uphill and shoot at them.


Back to the scenario....   in this scenario, along with all others, your goal is to get to 500 points before the other side in 15 to 20 minutes.  In this particular scenario, you have 15 minutes and it operates very similar to Arathi Basin. 


You gain points for killing players, as well as a set amount for controlling the three flags.  This leads to mostly being able to control 2 flags and win the game, but it's not always the case.  We have played a group that was really good that didn't bother to take flags and only held one the entire game, but beat us by killing us.   It was kind of embarrassing.  


Until Next Time, Keep the Wardrums Pounding!



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