A Change of Pace: Tactics


I'm going to take a quick change of pace and do a few articles on other aspects of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


I'd like to talk to you guys about Tactics.  Yeah, I know you've got them and they are better than anyone else's on the interwebs, but let's put away our Epeens for a second, because I want to talk about a different kind of Tactic.



In WAR, every class receives 3 Tactic slots to start, One for a Career Tactic, One for a RvR (or Renown) tactic, and one for a PvE tactic.   These tactics can be traded out anytime you are outside of battle, and a handy prebuilt tactic bar allows you to switch between tactics without having to open your window and rearrange them.


Why is this important?  Tactics have the ability to completely change around the way you play.   See the examples below:


Divine Fury -You deal 25% more damage, but all of your healing becomes 20% less effective.


Focused Offense -You deal 25% more damage, and all enemy monsters will hate you 25% less than normal, but you take 20% more damage any time you're hit.


All healer characters have a tactic that is similar to Divine Fury, while all tanks have an ability that is similar to Focused Offense.   This allows you to switch roles without having to run back to a trainer and respec, like that other game.   


Having played a Hybrid class in Warcraft for about 3 years now, I can tell you this is one of the best aspects of the game.  It allows you to assume the role you want to play, when you want to play it, without having to delay everyone else because you were forced into doing something.


A few examples of renown tactics (PvP) are:


Stuntie Stompa -Tactic that increases your damage by 2% against all Dwarves.


Malekith's Vengeance -Tactic that lightly heals the player every time they kill a High Elf player.


You gain Renown Experience that apply towards your Renown Rank everytime you kill an enemy player.  For every Renown Rank, you gain a Renown Point that can be used to buy Renown Tactics or other Renown rewards like Weapons, Armor, and increased skill points.


The races in Warhammer also have their own Tactics.  These add a little bit of flavor to the game by making every race a little bit different.  Chaos receives a tactic that gives a chance on hit of giving you a protective shield while the Dark Elves give a tactic that increases all healing they receive by 10%.


Just a little something more to bring the battlefield a little closer to home.


Are you ready for WAR?!





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