Keep Sieging


Keep Siege

The guild, (atleast those members chosing to play in the open beta), had a chance to partcipate in a Keep Siege over the last few days, and it was a BLAST!  (Literally).   The keeps are controlled by one side and the opposing side can choose to siege it, similar to a public quest. 


If you control the keep, you can use defenses that are placed at the keep on pads, these defenses are unique to each race but typically include cannons, catapults, and boiling oil.   The cannons and catapults can be manned by a player, similar to a first person shooter game where you launch shots at enemies running towards your keep.  The boiling oil is a little bit different.  It is placed over the keep's main door that must be breached.  The raiders that use their battering rams on the door will be met with a nasty surprise when you dumb the oil ontop of their heads and smile to yourself. 



Your keep is defended on the second floor by 5 Champions and 1 Hero known as a Keep Lord.  The Keep Lord has a LOT of life and it will take a good number of people to take him out...  


Now for the attacker's side, which we were in this particular keep.  We approached the keep and the keep door had already been blown open.  Normally, we would have had to buy a battering ram and broken the door ourselves, but that was already done.  We ran into the main room and were attacked by somewhere around 15 guards.  They were normal guards and were handled pretty easily.  


We advanced to the second floor, all 7 of us originally, and were promptly met by a Dwarf Lord Hero and his lackies...     We died very quickly. 


We gained more reinforcements and stormed the keep a second time, assaulting the Dwarf Lord, killing his minions, and spent about 8 minutes fighting him.  During this time a few dwarf players tried to show up (late) to take us out, but met quick deaths.  (3 players versus 15?  not likely).  


This would have been a lot more difficult if they had shown up earlier to use catapults or dump oil on us, but the stunties aren't too bright. 

Overall, it was great fun and I received a nice green item that I'm too low level to wear. 


I can't wait for RK to be able to siege these keeps.  During the Siege a guild can designate a Standard Bearer, who will give bonuses to all guild members around them.  The bonuses change depending on the tactics the guild leaders choose to put onto the standard.


If you take the keep, you can plant your standard on the keep and every guild member who is in a certain radius of the keep will gain the bonuses.


It provides an awesome flavor and guild fellowship within the game.


Until next time!



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