Black Orc Review

Black Orc Review


That's right, two reviews in one night!   I know you're all excited.



Today I talk about the Destruction's second tank, the Black Orc. 



The Black Orc is able to use Heavy Armor, Spikey Shields, Choppas, and Great Choppas.  They are very similar to the Chosen in this manner. 



The ways that they differ are what sets the Black Orc apart on it's own.  The Black Orc specializes in setting up combos in the most significant way that an orc is capable, by executing basic plans.  Certain abilities that the Black Orc uses will progress his plan meter.  He starts with no plan, after using an ability that furthers the plan, he receives "Da Gud Plan" ("hit 'em"), this unlocks more abilities the Black Orc can use which can further him into "Da Best Plan" ("hit 'em again") which are typically finishers. 


Another big difference that the Black Orc posseses are a lot of abilities to control your enemies with Knock Downs, Stuns, and a universal ability to "WAAAGGHHH!"


The best thing about the black orc though, has got to be the names of it's abilities.  Examples follow:


Right in the Jibblies - A finishing attack that deals low damage, knocks your target down for 2 seconds.


Arm Breaka -A basic melee attack, leads to Da Gud Plan.


'Ead Butt -A short, stunning melee attack.


Black Orcs also receive War Bellows.  War Bellows are similar to Chosen Aura's but they only affect the Black Orc, with a few exceptions.  The War Bellows follow the paths of the Black Orc Masteries.  The examples are....


Da Biggest! -25% chance to increase your strength upon striking an opponent.


Da Greenest! -25% chance to increase your resists upon striking an opponent.


Da Toughest! -25% chance to proc a protective shield that absorbs damage upon striking an opponent.


Also, the Black Orc has a universal Bellow that affects the party without affecting the bellow you're already using...


Get 'Em -An encouraging bellow that causes your group's Action Points to generate 20% faster for 15 seconds.


The Black Orc also possesses the "Throw Choppa" ability I spoke about in the Chosen forum that allows him to perform what is essentially a ranged execute.

He also possesses "Da Challenge" which causes an opponant to only do 50% damage against any other party members other than himself.


In closing, I'd just like to say "Wut iz yous gitz wait'in on?!  It's time fo' WAAAAAGGGGHHHH!"



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