Disciple of Khaine Review

Disciple of Khaine

Today I'm going to tell you guys about the Disciple of Khaine, the Destruction Side's only melee healer.    


Healer you say?  In a PvP oriented game?  Never!    But I assure, not only are they present, but they excel in PvP, unlike that other game that I'm not going to mention right now where your only option is to heal and then die.  


First a breakdown of the Disciple of Khaine's features that you can look forward to.    The Disciple of Khaine wears medium robes and can choose to duel wield swords or use a one handed sword and a chalice.   Duel Wielding is used when the Disciple of Khaine chooses to do more damage, while the Chalice is used, typically, when you want to do better healing.   This isn't always the case though because the Disciple of Khaine, or DoK for short, can also heal while doing damage.


You'll gain a better understanding of what I mean after reading some of these abilities.


Consume Essence -A quick strike that deals 10 damage.  Khaine's approval of your actions cause your defensive target and all allies withing 10 feet to become healed for 50% of the damage dealt.


Rend Soul -You repeatedly assault an enemy, shredding their soul energy and twisting it to your own purposes.  You strike the target up to four times over 3 seconds, dealing 10 damage per hit.  Each hit heals your defensive target for 250% of the damage that was dealt.  This effect will end if you break your concentration, or run out of Soul Essence.


I know what you're thinking here...   What is soul essence?   Well, the Disciple of Khaine uses Action Points to execute abilities, while it uses Soul Essence to power it's healing ability.  How do you gain Soul Essence?  Well, it regenerates slowly by itself, but there's no way to heal based off that.  There's also an ability you can use that converts your Action Points into Soul Essence directly, but that prevents you from doing damage.   So what would be the best way?  By stealing your enemies souls when you attack them!

Almost all of your abilities deal damage while restoring Soul Essence, examples follow:


Cleave Soul -A potent attack which deals 20 damage to your enemy.  Builds 30 Soul Essence.


Lacerate -A gory strike that Cripples your enemy, dealing 30 damage over 10 seconds and reducing their Toughness by 3.  Builds 20 Soul Essence.


Essence Lash -You lash out at all opponents in front of you up to 40 feet away, dealing 30 damage.  Builds 50 Soul Essence.


Now we shift focus a little bit.  You can't really have a healer without some utility thrown into the mix and the DoK has it's own version of buffs called "Covenants".  You can have one Covenant on your party at a time, and it effects everyone in the party, but it wouldn't be the Disciple of Khaine if it didn't augment your damage AND healing.


Covenant of Tenacity - A pact with Khaine that increases your entire group's armor by 16.


Covenant of Vitality - Any time someone in your group damages an enemy, they have a 20% chance to deal an additional 10 spirit damage to their victim, and heal themselves for an equal amount.


Covenant of Celerity - Your entire group gains a 20% chance to Cripple anyone that they damage, dealing 45 Spirit damage over 9 seconds and reducing the victim's run speed by 20%.


The Cripple effect is actually very interesting as you can use it to build off of other things.  Some of the abilities the DoK uses become better and do more damage if your opponant is already crippled.


So, now I'm sure you're wondering why this game is any different from that other one.  What makes a healer stand out above any other so that they don't just die as usual.  Make no mistake, you will always be the first targeted in a Scenario (similar to a Battleground) and the tanks can protect you to a certain extent, but the big protection comes from this.


Terrifying Vision -Your enemy is distracted by malevolent spirits, making them hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage against you for 15 seconds.  You will stop attacking when you use this ability, and the effect will fade if you attack someone that you have detaunted.


You notice that says "Attack".  You can continue to heal while using this ability, and you will take 50% less damage.  It isn't abuseable, because if you attack your target, the effect immediately ends.


Lastly.  One of my favorite tidbits of the game.  Mythic has done an incredible job of keeping the flavor of races and classes.  Ressurecting fallen allies never seemed like an ability the Dark Elves should have, but it wouldn't be right to have a healer that can't bring players back to life...   So what to do?   Add the most awesome flavor text to the ability!


Stand, Coward! -Life is restored to a dead ally, and 20% of their health is recovered in the hopes they will prove less worthless to you in the future.


Yes...  It really says that!


Until next time! 



You can read a review written by our very own Hoonhorn and discuss the Disciple of Khaine in this thread.


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